Travel the world on $100 a day.

how we travel the world on $100 a day
Yes, it is possible to travel the world on $100 a day.

It is eleven months since we first left Gympie and started to travel the world on $100 a day. We set our budget on a fairly random basis and to be honest, we had no idea if we could do it.

As we prepare to set off on the new leg of our adventures in a few days time, it seems like a good time to celebrate the fact that we have managed to do it all within our budget. Some days we spend a lot more (like when we are flying internationally). Some days, when we are housesitting, we spend nothing at all. But every day Suzannah has been keeping track and writing down what we spend in her little book.

When we first started, we thought that we would try housesitting. It has now become the cornerstone of how we are travelling. It is great for “budget repair” as it is free accommodation but even more importantly, it is good for “Travel Fatigue”. There are times when exploring new places every few days gets a little tiring. Housesitting gives us that” home” feeling and a bit of time to regroup.

It is never very long before we start to get that itch to look around the next corner.

So what have we learned?

  1. Keep a record of your spending. It keeps you honest!
  2. Sometimes you need to “go off piste”. Emergencies do happen and they do need money to sort them out.
  3. Give yourself some wriggle room. You are supposed to enjoy yourself. Birthdays, for instance, are not in the budget!
  4. Learn what you are prepared to compromise on and what you are not. (An ensuite bathroom is an essential as far as Suzannah is concerned.)
  5. Decide what is in the budget. We have a separate overheads budget for things like insurance, storage, medical expenses and blog hosting.
  6. So far we have travelled in Australia and Asia. We will let you know how it works in Europe.
  7. Even if you are rather fond of a little luxury, like Suzannah,  it is possible to travel the world on $100 a day!

* We are doing our budget in Australian dollars, not US$.

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