Vela Luka – a slower pace of life

view of Vela Luka
Our view of Vela Luka.

It is somewhere around mid afternoon. The time does not really matter. The yachts are starting to reappear from their adventures on the high seas. It is not so much that they sail in, as each time you look up, another one seems to have arrived.

The little foot ferry potters back and forth, back and forth across the harbour. We are trying to persuade ourselves that it just might be time to go for a walk. This is Vela Luka on the Croatian island of Korcula.

Mussels in Vela Luka
Even the mussels enjoy the slow pace of life in Vela Luka.

If you want to get an idea of the pace of life here, you only have to look at the little dinghies that line the quayside. There are actually clumps of fully grown mussels on the mooring lines. Even some of the boats have a rather fine crop of mussels along the waterline. They have not moved since we arrived but you have to suspect that they have been idle for a lot longer than that.

A walk or not?

This is not a place where things happen quickly. It is a place where you can almost hear a slow breathing pace that calms the soul and changes the way you see things. We have well and truly been sucked in as the discussion of our potential walk continues.

On the ferry over here, from Hvar, we saw some advertising for a triathlon event. It is due to take place here in a few days time. We are finding it almost impossible to imagine Vela Luka as a caldron of athletic competition.

When we study the local map that our hosts have kindly provided, we notice that there is a beach called dog beach. This is enough to ignite a flicker of enthusiasm from Suzannah. We set off around the bay and along a nicely shaded path but we don’t quite make it to dog beach. The pull of returning to our veranda and watching Vela Luka continuing its gentle pace is too great.

Ubli tomorrow

Tomorrow we take the ferry to Ubli on the island of Lastovo. It is an even smaller island than this one. At this rate we may never muster up the motivation to do anything ever again!

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