“Welcome Home” said the mushroom

“Welcome Home” said the mushroom.

Our trip back to Australia turned out to be an eventful affair. It all started with a stay at the Royale Chulan Penang.

When we arrived, they announced that we had been upgraded to a suite. We had a lovely time wallowing in a bit of luxury and looking forward to our business class flight with Malindo Air back to Australia. In fact, I was a little worried that Suzannah was going to get addicted to this pampered style of travel and our travel budget, which was supposed to last for a couple of years, was going to run out in a couple of months!

In the end, it was not the touch of luxury that shocked us but a mushroom.

Our first flight was delayed. So instead of just relaxing, we spent the flight worrying about missing our connection. If we did not make it what would we do about…………. It is amazing how many scenarios one can create during a one hour flight.

After virtually sprinting across KL airport following a member of the Malindo staff, we walked onto our plane. A couple of hundred people had been sitting in their seats for over an hour, waiting for us (and nine others) to get there. There have been times in my life when I have felt less popular, but to be honest, it is difficult to remember when.

A few years ago, a friend explained to me what he called “the coffee cup ring theory”. It goes something like this. If, when you get on a flight, there is is a coffee cup mark on your fold down table, you will automatically start worrying about which other parts of the aircraft are not being serviced properly. I was reminded of this story when the in-flight entertainment system malfunctioned every twenty minutes or so and had to be reset by the cabin staff. And yes, I did start to worry about all the other on-board computer systems .

We did arrive arrive safely back in Brisbane but Malindo had one extra little surprise for us. They had ripped the handle off  Suzannah’s suitcase!

After picking up our hire car, we decided that it was time to relax a little before meeting the family that we are housesitting for. Off to a nice looking cafe for some breakfast. We both decided that, as well as our eggs on toast, we would each have a side dish of mushrooms. When it arrived, there was one piece of mushroom on the plate. We queryed it  with the waitress. “Yes,” she said “a portion of mushrooms is one piece”.

“Welcome home,” said the mushroom.

Or I may have just been hallucinating by then!

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