Welcome to England!

The view from our bedroom window, and no I have not retouched the colour, it is this green!

I love England. From the moment I first saw it as a little girl of 11, looking out of the window of the plane, I have been a fan. But I am realistic and I didn’t expect to be greeted by good weather. Wrong! England turned on a balmy day of sunshine and 24C to greet us. Yes, my fellow Aussies, 24C is balmy in England, even to me!

A typical little Devon lane

We collected our hire car and headed south on the M5, bound for Devon. Fortunately our first housesit had given us great directions because Bristol aeroport didn’t sell SIMs, so no phone to navigate. We got here with only one mishap, and really it was such pretty scenery we didn’t mind revisiting that stretch of road.

Some of the cattle we are looking after tucking into their breakfast

Here, we are looking after three gun dogs. An old Springer called Hardy, and two black Labs, Petra and May. All are utterly adorable. And just to ensure we keep our hand in with cattle we have 15 head of young Herefords and Devons to watch over. But only two chooks and one Guinea fowl which we were told were new and probably wouldn’t produce any eggs for us. They didn’t count on James’ magic touch with chickens though. This morning we were presented with one egg.

His Lordship with one of the labs!

A trip down memory lane in England

Yesterday, to add to our excitement we visited the local Tesco supermarket. Ah, such a happy trip down memory lane for us! All our favourite English goodies were tossed into the trolley. The Daily Mail (paper), Cumberland sausages, clotted cream, Covent Garden soup, Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps to name but a few. And this is before we start on cheese as our homeowners left us a healthy supply to “please eat up”. So yes, there will be lots of lovely dogs walks to keep our waistlines from totally blowing out.

Lots of dog walks required to walk off our favourite English food!

Ah it is good to be back in England, and this is before we even get to the very best bit. And what is that? it is catching up with our much loved and missed friends and family!