About Suzannah and James

Manu National Parc
Manu National Parc, Peru

James and Suzannah Arkle are a couple on the wrong side of 50 who are hopelessly addicted to travel. The mere whiff of aviation fuel gets them excited. In 2017 they decided to up sticks; sell their rural property and business in Australia and travel full time. How long will that be for? well James says three years, Suzannah says two years, so who knows!

Pisac ruins
Pisac, Peru

Suzannah is the Australian of the duo. She is a born and bred Queenslander who caught the travelling bug at age 11 when her parents took her on a three month round the world trip, she hasn’t been right since. A gap year after completing school turned into a gap life spent between her native Australia and her adored England. She has forged careers in Fashion (UK), Real Estate (AUS) Financial Services (UK & AUS) and the Veterinary industry (UK). She returned to Australia in 2003 with James and started Lagoon Pocket B&B the following year. In 2015 she completed a Diploma of Freelance Travel Journalism and thus the idea for this blog was born.




Chinchero Ruins
Chinchero, Sacred Valley, Peru

James is the Brit of the equation. Born and educated in Bristol, England James studied photography and went onto run his own marketing company and then later a business networking company which he successfully franchised across southern England.

His new neighbour in Chipping Norton, a divorced Aussie with a large dog, changed his life in a way he never dreamt possible. A trip back to see her homeland started his love affair with Australia, he sold his company in England and he and Suzannah (and her dog) moved back to Australia in 2003.

James is the planner of the adventures. Whilst Suz is busy writing up the latest adventure, His Lordship along with his best mate Google are onto planning the next adventure.