Brighton : I’ve changed my mind!

My favourite square in Brighton! And behind me is the seafront.

Okay I’ll admit it I use not to be a fan of Brighton. Shock! Horror! James asked me only the other day, why? Well quite simply it harks back to my days in London. When I was much younger and over here doing the London thing, as us Aussies do. One day I got homesick and decided I needed a walk along a beach to cheer me up. You can see where I am going with this can’t you? It never occurred to me in a million years that Brighton’s beach would be pebbles. Shingle is the proper term but to me it is still pebbles. All pebbles, beautiful in a driveway but not for a beach. Where was the sand? I looked for it without success. Needless to say I was gutted and went back to London even more homesick for Oz.

The shingle (or pebble to me) beach which I still loath!

Over the years I have been back to Brighton, visited the Pier, the Pavillion and of course the Lanes. Okay, but still not a fan. Most of my new memories are of driving around for ages trying to park the car. Then remortgaging the house to pay for the parking, (okay mild exaggeration). But if nothing else I am persistent. I knew I was missing something.

Brighton: The missing something

And this visit to Brighton I found that something. We were here to housesit a little Staffy girl called Pia for a long weekend. This time there was a parking space for us and a beautiful house. And a welcoming committee. Two lovely girls to greet us, one with two legs, one with four. We felt immediately at home. Even the weather which was forecast to be foul, changed its tune and behaved. We walked along the grassy foreshore and played ball with Pia. Admired the beautiful Regency terraces and crescents. Ambled into The Lanes, James careful steering me away from the antique and jewellery stores. We didn’t play tourist so much as locals and for the first time I thoroughly enjoyed Brighton.

This is our adorable little charge for the weekend, Pia. She loves a game of ball!

I love architecture and gardens and Brighton has both. We rarely walked down to the seafront the same way twice. We had to keep exploring different streets. Some held big grand terraces, others delightful rows of little houses painted the colours of sugared almonds. We were spoilt for choice dining wise and the shopping, well best not to start me on that one! Fantastic!

Just around the corner from us was this divine little street of sugar almond coloured houses. The sea can just be spotted in the distance.

And did I venture down onto the beach of shingle? Only briefly, I’m still not a fan of the pebbles. But this time I found there is much more than shingle to Brighton. And I loved it!