Christmas Wreath Making


Christmas wreath
Really getting into making my Christmas wreath.

Snipping away at a pile of assorted greenery. Arranging my pieces to my own design in a pre-made moss wreath, and chatting as I go. I am utterly in seventh heaven. Oh, yes and throw in a festive mince pie and the bliss is complete. I am attending a Christmas Wreath making workshop, run by the popular local florist Lucy Walker. I had seen this workshop advertised on my beloved Facebook and mentioned it to my friend Sally. And voila, she has us booked in!

Christmas wreath
Lucy Walker showing us how it is done!

Lucy chatted us through the basics and did a demonstration, before she let us loose on our work stations. Each table held aprons, secateurs, fine florist’s wire and two pre-made moss wreaths ready for decoration. Down the middle of the room were neat piles of ivy, blue spruce, rosemary, eucalyptus and various other pieces of greenery this little Aussie didn’t recognise.  At the front of the room was a table groaning with decorations for the wreaths.

Christmas wreath
My good friend Sally selecting her greenery.

And so we got to work chatting as we went. Lucy and her mother wandering about the room ready to help or answer questions. I was so intent on creating it wasn’t until I came up for air that I noticed that my wreath was nothing like Sally’s. Even at this early stage everyone’s individual style was emerging. When I later ventured down to the front to collect some decorations I was fascinated to see what the other ladies had produced. No two wreaths were alike, some were quite colourful, some were earthy, some were wild and some were tame. All were beautiful and all their owners had such a smile on their faces.

Christmas wreath
I’m VERY proud of my finished wreath.

And a pub lunch

Really how can you top a morning spent in the company of liked minded souls doing something creative? Only by going out to lunch with your good buddy at the quintessentially English pub in the village for a scrumptious lunch and glass of bubbles.

Ah, a very, very good day.

Christmas wreath
We stood next to each other making our wreaths but how different are they!?




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