A night in Eastbourne

Eastbourne Pier
The Pier at Eastbourne

Eastbourne is all about Victorian seafront hotels, pebbly beaches, piers and soaring white cliffs. On our way to our housesit in Brighton, we decided to treat ourselves to a night in a hotel. The idea of a sea view and a little Victoriana was met with a fair degree of enthusiasm from Suzannah.

The Best Western Lansdowne hotel fitted the bill. As we arrived in the dark and the rain, we decided to eat at the hotel that night. So it was not until we drew the curtains the next morning that we really appreciated the stunning view. This is what a Victorian English beach town should look like. An iron pier jutting out into the sea, a pebbly beach with old wooden sea defences and Victorian hotels all along the front. As sunshine had replaced the rain from the night before, it was time for a walk before breakfast.

Sea defences at Eastbourne
The old wooden Sea defences are all along the beach at Eastbourne.

As we left the hotel, the full force of the wind hit us. The word “invigorating” comes to mind, particularly when we had reached the pier and turned for home and breakfast against wind. As we entered the hotel, we felt that we could do their breakfast justice without any feelings of guilt at all!

cliffs at Beachy Head
The cliffs at Beachy Head are seriously white

Belle Tout

As you drive out of Eastbourne towards Brighton, you come to Beachy Head. If you like facts, these are the highest chalk sea cliffs in the UK. At 162 metres above sea level, they are rather impressive, to say the least! We decided to park the car near a lighthouse which had the wonderful name of “Belle Tout”. (I just love the names as you go around England.) These cliffs are seriously white and they are white as far as the eye can see. Even the sea crashing against the base of them is white from the chalk. On this windy, sunny day, they made a wonderful end to our Eastbourne stay.

White cliffs
White cliffs as far as the eye can see.