In the eye of a Willard Wigan needle.

Willard wigan micro sculptures
Willard Wigan Micro Sculptures. You may not believe your eyes!

Today we went to Broadway in the Cotswolds. It is a beautiful village and tourists flock here just to admire it. But today our objective was slightly different because some friends had told us about a rather unusual sculpture exhibition by an artist called Willard Wigan at the Broadway Museum.

You may not believe your eyes!

As we entered the room where the sculptures were being shown, we knew we were in for something different. All we could see was two rows of microscopes on a long bench. Willard Wigan is a micro sculptor. Most of his works are either in the eye of a needle or on the head of a needle. To the naked eye there is nothing to see. But press the button and peer down the microscope and you are in Willard’s world. The Last Supper, Homer Simpson, buildings, trees, humming birds and many more are all there in the eye of a needle. As the light goes off and you move away, there is part of your brain that is saying “Did that actually happen?”. So you go back and double check. and sure enough, you are back in his micro world.

Microscopes to exhibit Willard Wigan sculptures
When a sculpture exhibition looks like this, you have to expect something different!

Willard Wigan is a man who happily talks about carving the base of the Statue of Liberty from a single grain of sand. Money spider web or fibres plucked out of the sunbeam streaming through the window become sculpture materials. A human hair becomes a paintbrush. Needles become the knives and the tools that he needs to create his works. He works between heartbeats to make sure that his hand is steady enough.

We have included a video of him talking about his work and a link to the Willard Wigan website to give you an idea of what we found in the Broadway Museum.

If you ever hear of a Willard Wigan exhibition, just go. You will have real difficulty believing your eyes!