Sunday Lunch Off round two

Sunday lunch off round two
Sunday Lunch Off round two at the Rose and Crown in Yardley Hastings.

Time for  our Sunday Lunch Off round two. Last week, when we decided to walk to Yardley Hastings for Sunday lunch, we had a problem. There are two pubs in Yardley Hastings. The only decent thing to do was to have a Sunday Lunch Off. Last Sunday it was the turn of the Red Lion and the roast beef was excellent.

Today it was the Rose and Crown‘s turn. The weather forecast had been changing all week. So we had a contingency plan to drive in place. We need not have worried. The sun was shining as we set off across the fields with a few more layers on as the temperature had dropped quite significantly.

Suzannah, being the organised one of the two of us had rung up a few days before to book a table. As we arrived, we were very pleased that she had because the Rose and Crown was fully booked. It would have been very disappointing to have walked for nearly an hour and not to have any lunch.

And we would have missed a delicious meal. I had the chicken and Suzannah had the beef. If I say that the conversation died completely as we savoured our food, you will get some idea just how delicious it was.

We even saws deer on the way home

As we made our way back, we came across 3 deer in the middle of the field. Our home owners had told us all sorts of stories about how their Greyhound and Jack Russell/Poodle just loved to chase, and sometimes catch all sorts of wildlife.  We had even been given lessons on how to use the tracking devices on their collars. With these warnings ringing in our ears, we had a very firm hold on their leads and we were able to just admire these beautiful animals in their natural habitats.

So who won the Sunday Lunch off? We can’t decide. We loved them both. A decision will be needed for next Sunday and we have 7 days to make it.