Taman Negara National Park

Since we left Kuala Lumpur this morning we have been on a mini bus for 3 hours and a river boat for 3 hours. So when we round the bend to see the floating restaurants of Kuala Tahan, it is a welcome sight. This is a small river community where you can visit the ancient Taman Negara National Park.

Kuala tahan
Our first view of Kuala Tahan after 3 hours coming up the river.

As we get out of the boat and stretch our muscles, we are reminded to keep our National Park passes with us at all times. They only cost 1RM(about 0.30AUD) plus another 5 RM if you want to take photographs but if you do not have if when the rangers check, the fine is going to spoil your trip!

Floating restaurants of Kuala Tahan
The floating restaurants of Kuala Tahan (well they would be floating if there was a bit more water in the river)

The following day we decide to do the the canopy walk. So we take the ferry across the river and walk through the rather up market Mutiara Resort to the Rangers office to make sure we know where we are going. It is about 1.5 km along a walkway, which doesn’t sound too far. Except the humidity levels are incredible and within seconds we are pouring with sweat.

Taman Negara canopy walk
The Taman Negara canopy walkway, all ropes and wobbles

The canopy walk itself is a rope, metal ladder and wooden plank contraption that swings between the trees and gives you a completely different perspective if you are not too busy trying to keep your balance.

Probably the most worrying bit!

There are smiles all round when we are back in firm ground and heading back to the Mutiara Resort for a well deserved lunch. To be completely honest, we are not really dressed for the occasion but both the other guests and the staff were too polite to say anything!

And smiles all round, we are back on firm ground but perhaps not looking our sartorial best.

Tips for visiting Taman Negara

There are a range of accommodation options on the town side of the river or if your budget will stretch to it the Mutiara Resort offers a rather more comfy option. (Suzannah’s version of that would be “ stay at Mutiara. Do not even think about the other side.)

We arranged our transfers from KL and onto the Cameron Highlands through Han Travel. They were easy to book on-line and worked very well.

***This is James’ first post on my blog and I hope not his last!***


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