The Decision

The big tripAfter nearly 14 years of running our multi award winning B&B we have decided it is time for a change. For a new adventure. And that adventure involves unpicking our lives, selling our home and business, and travelling. Travelling like we have never travelled before.

Approaching mid 50s in my case and tumbling down the other side of 60 in James’ case, we want to do the big trip before we get stuck so firmly in our comfortable safe rut we do not want to move. We thought two or three overseas holidays a year were enough to satisfy our wanderlust. They aren’t. We appreciate by jumping off the money earning treadmill we may not be able to afford the oceanview penthouse in the retirement home; we may have to settle for the garden view villa, we are prepared for that. What we are not prepared for is to live with regrets, the “I wish we had’s”. We want to make memories whilst we are still young enough, well enough and mad enough to embark upon the big trip!

So what comprises the big trip? It will be a variety of things. Maybe a spot of housesitting in Chang Mai,  perhaps mind a B&B in Canada for friends, walk the Camino de Santiago, rent a place on the Cambodian riviera for a couple of months to catch our breath. We are keeping our options and our minds open.

Through my writing I am going to take you on the journey with us. From the initial dismantling of our rural B&B life and all that it entails, to the realisation of our goal. There have already been tears, no tantrums as yet but it is still early days and who knows what’s to come!

So welcome to our story of the big trip. I hope you are well strapped in, it promises to be quite a ride!

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