Three and a bit months of housesitting in the UK

As we come to the end of our three and a bit months housesitting in the UK, we thought it would be fun to just have a look back at some of the great things that we have done.

Cows in Devon
Just one of the cows that we looked after in Devon.

We had 7 housesits. We looked after 17 sheep, 15 cows, 12 dogs, 10 chooks, 3 horses, 2 budgies, 1 cat and a visiting stray cat. The houses included, a townhouse in Brighton, a 7 bedroom house in Devon, a farmer’s cottage in Northampton. The “Grand Designs” house near Cheltenham was so new that when we asked how to control the heating, the home owner said “ring the builder!”

just one of our temporary homes in three and a bit months of housesitting in the UK.
“Ask the builder’ said the home owner when we asked about the controls!

We awarded Compton Bassett our prize for the friendliest village. Their invitations to carols in the pub, mince pies and mulled wine in the village hall and other drinks parties, made our Christmas very special.

Lyveden New Bield's secrets start to appear
Secret symbols and Catholic plots are just some of the stories at Lyveden New Bield .

The History

Then there were all the historical places we visited. From the 4500 year old Avebury Standing Stones to a wonderful selection of National Trust Properties. Each one had special stories to tell and secrets to share. (A special tip here. If you are visiting the UK and you want to visit National Trust properties, consider becoming a member. It is excellent value for money.)

4500 year old standing stones at Avebury
The Standing Stones at Avebury took us back through 4500 years of history

One of the special pleasures was exploring the countryside around each sit. There were lots of long dog walks across the fields and through the woods. England’s network of footpaths and bridleways make this country uniquely accessible on foot.

A white horse in Wiltshire
Not even a bit of rain could stop us finding this white horse in Wiltshire.

Finally, we had all the fun of housesitting with friendly, welcoming home owners, a menagerie of animals and beautiful houses to call “home” for a while.

South coast of England
Enjoying the views on the way to our sit in Brighton

Have we enjoyed it?

As someone who was born and brought up in England, housesitting has proved to be a fascinating way to see it from a new perspective. Yes we have loved our three and a bit months housesitting in the UK.

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