A trip down memory lane.

a trip down memory lane to the wine bar in Chipping Norton
The wine bar where we had our first date in Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton is a very special little market town in the English Cotswolds. But for us it is special for a different reason. For us it is “a trip down memory lane”. It was here, 21 years ago that we went on our first date.

A lot of this town was built on the wealth generated from the wool industry in the middle ages. Today it is big enough to have a good selection of shops, a few pubs and even a small theatre. In fact the theatre is a little gem. Its small size makes the experience of seeing productions very intimate. The Quote on their website from The Daily Mail is “So Charming it almost hurts”. That just about sums it up.

The cottage where I was living when a blond Australian moved in next door!

But this visit to Chipping Norton was all about a trip down memory lane for us. We started with the little cottage that I was living in when a blond Australian moved in next door. Then it was time for lunch at the Chequers pub at the end of the street. When we mentioned that we had lived down the street 20 years ago, the new publican immediately said “Ah that was in Josh’s time. I really want to bring it back to how it was then.”

Our first date!

We could not leave without a walk past the wine bar where we had our first date. Amazingly, like the cottage, the pub and the theatre, it had not really changed. There were a few changes. The hardware shop where you could buy almost anything, was gone (although the signage was still on the shopfront). But Chipping Norton is still the special place that we remembered.

It was a very nostalgic trip down memory lane and a delight to see this place still thriving.

The chequers Chipping Norton
The Chequers Chipping Norton